Can you solve the code?

GTF-huh? Escape Room?

Escape Room[es-ˈkāp ˈrüm]

A live action adventure game which requires players to escape confinement using logic and exploiting their surroundings.

GTFO Escape Entertainment[jē ˈˈef ˈō es-ˈkāp en.təˈteɪn.mənt]

Take the above definition – times that by infinity and mix it with explosions.  Edmonton’s most immersive escape room experiences.  Get The Fun On.

How to GTFO

  • 5 unique and exciting escape experiences available
  • Groups of 2-8 players
  • 45 minute time limit
  • $25 / player
  • New upcoming experiences are ALWAYS under development
  • Located in the heart of downtown Edmonton
  • Corporate, group and birthday event packages are available
  • Unique and exciting entertainment for corporate team building, tourists, family and friends or anyone looking for a cure for boredom!
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Escape Experiences

GTFO proudly presents the next level of the escape game…

Space, the Final Frontier: where 2 teams enter, but only 1 team leaves!
Great Teams are First Out!

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The Heist


The plan is simple: Get in, get out.
Get the Treasure and Fancy Objects.


Flee the darkness.  Find the light.
Get Through the Forest Okay.

Visiting Hour

You’re going to overstay your welcome…
It’s a Grim Time For Outsiders.

The Directive

A mysterious agency needs your help!
Go Team! Finish the Objective!

Find Us!

  • Connector.Connector.


    2nd Floor – 10018 105 St
    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

  • Connector.Connector.


    (780) 540 – GTFO (4836)

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