About Us

Cue the sepia filter and an old-timey track.  Time for a flashback sequence.

Even as GTFO toddlers, we were utterly passionate about GAMES.  We would spend our days exploring the outdoors, getting our knees scraped, splashing in mud puddles, scavenger hunting, playing all sorts of tag, warding off cooties, and many other nonsensical sorts of shenanigans (and the scars to prove it, too).

Years later, we would be more attracted to really neat big-kid stuff like puzzles, table games, movies, and of course, generations and generations of video games.  As wonderful as these things are, there was a shift from playing outside, to playing inside.  (What does the sun even look like these days? Is it still yellow?  The internet told me it might be purple now.)

End flashback.

These days, it’s not shocking to say that we’re kind of buried in our devices.  (I dare you to tell me you’re not reading this on a screen).  As good as videogames are today, it’s hard to beat the super ultra-realistic true HD quality of… real life.  So we set out on a journey to combine real life ‘play’ with elements of modern games to create atmospheres and adventures that you’ve never experienced before. As optimistic as we are about the innovations of gaming (heck, we even have a Wii U at GTFO for… reasons.) we just don’t think gaming should be confined only to screens.

Gaming Transcends From the Ordinary.