Frequenty Asked Questions

Confused and wondering how all this stuff works?  Look no further – you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for here!

Escape Entertainment [es-ˈkāp en.təˈteɪn.mənt]: A live action adventure game which requires players to escape confinement using logic and exploiting their surroundings.

GTFO Escape Entertainment [jē ˈtē ˈef ˈō es-ˈkāp en.təˈteɪn.mənt]: Take the above definition – times that by infinity and mix it with explosions. Get The Fun On.

GTFO can mean many things, perhaps even the obvious one you’re thinking about… But here are some fun examples we like: Games To Figure Out, Good Time For Offense, Guess The Fuzzy Object, Galvatron Transforms and Fights Optimus, Good Time For Ownage. Whatever your interpretation might be, just Get There and Find Out!
As long as you’re at least a solid 8 out of 10 on the awesome scale of awesomeness, you’re good to go! … okay fine, we’ll take you 6s and 7s too, I guess. Anyone and everyone is welcome!  We recommend that guests be a minimum 8 years of age to fully enjoy the experience.  We aim to offer a variety of scenarios, varying from family friendly adventures, to scarier mature themes, so be sure to check out our Escape Experiences page for more information before making your choice!
For awesome game related reasons, most of our rooms must be played with 2-6 players. For better details on each of the rooms, including exactly how many allies are required for each room, please click here! But heed this warning, you’ll need all the help you can get to complete our challenges. Get Them Friends Out.
Yes, but only if you bring snacks. No wait, I’m being told I can’t ask for that anymore… Nevertheless! If you stumble by without a booking, we can check to see if there are any openings for you and your group. We recommend checking our booking schedule, or just give us a call at (780) 540-GTFO (4836) and we can perform our booking wizardry over the phone too! Glad To Fulfill and Oblige.
Well since I’ve been told I can’t ask for snacks anymore, all you need to bring is a good mixture of creativity, out of the box problem solving, and logical reasoning. We’ve painstakingly created themed experiences which include everything you’ll need to escape. You won’t need to bring anything special or fancy (other than yourself and some wonderful friends of course).  Remember:  it’s a test of brains, not brawn, so leave your big bag of muscles at home!  Gather The Friends Only.
Unfortunately, we don’t allow phones, electronics, or other recording devices in our rooms so you’ll have to part with it for the duration of the game.  Instead, you can leave it with us!  We could even answer calls and reply to texts for you while you’re distracted.  Kidding!  We’ll secure your phone as well as your other belongings in a locker in the lobby.  And since you probably don’t trust me after that awful joke, we’ll let you hold onto the key too!   Gotta Trust and Forfeit Objects  🙂
Of course! Who says old people get to have all the fun? If you’re perusing our site, it’s a safe bet that you’re likely into some form of gaming, and all ages are graciously welcomed here. HOWEVER!  For all adventurers under 14, we do require that a parent/legal guardian accompanies you.  For all players between 14-18 without a parent/legal guardian tagging along, please make sure you print the waiver form ahead of time, and have it signed by those old people who keep telling you to do your homework and take out the trash. Get The Form, Okay?
Good thing you left your phone with us because we’ll use it to notify your next of kin.  Just kidding! We did create the rooms to stump you at least a little, but we do offer hints for the truly bewildered.  BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! We’ve hidden hint tokens in the room which can be redeemed for a hint.  Therefore, you have to find a hint token before you’ll get the help.  No token, no hint! Get Token. Figure it Out.
Okay no jokes here. We’ll give you the rundown on safety during the briefing as well, but the entrance doors are always unlocked in case you ever need to leave the rooms for the bathrooms or an emergency.  All rooms are also monitored by our staff via surveillance cameras to ensure a safe and happy gaming experience for all.  In case of emergency, GTFO!